an arts and music microfestival organized by Björn Ross

Tuesday April 28, 2009, 17:00 - 23:00
Galleri Rostrum, Västergatan 21, Malmö, Sweden

text - image - video - audio - music - performance - bar - garden

OPENING is an exhibition that opens and closes the same day
OPENING is a festival, an installation, a consert, a party, an art work, a meeting, an event
OPENING likes openess, dialogue and playing
OPENING celebrates cheap, simple, dynamic, transitional, processual art
OPENING is live performances, photo, sound, text, music, video and printed matter
OPENING is small and endless
OPENING is a picnic - bring your art work (and take it back with you again)
OPENING is easy come - easy go
OPENING promotes improvisation and person-to-person meetings


Rules and conditions:
- you can contribute by sending material by email or mail - or bringing it in person to the gallery in Malmö, April 28, between 12.00-18.00.
- digital formats and media: yes
- web (also realtime): yes
- physical formats: yes - any removable, disposable, trashable, sendable, sustainable, audible, oral, musical, vocal....
- there will be dvd-players, cd-players, sound system, mixer, video-projectors, computer, internet etc
- works to be printed sent by mail shall be sent to me latest monday April 27, 10pm.
- pls confirm your participance and details on format with a message

18.00: Agnethe Christensen (se/dk)
19.30: Jakob Riis (dk/se)
20.00: Chiaki (us/dk)
20.30: János Vetö (hu/se)
21.00: Tanja Schlander (dk)
21.30: Schmacke (de)
22.00: open stage

Annelie Nilsson (se)
Barbro Hemer (se)
Björn Ross (se/dk)
Brita Carlens (se)
Dave Nold (us)
Felix Gmelin (se)
Fie Tanderup (dk)
Jodi Rose (au)
Jonathan Podwil (us)
Maria Lavman Vetö (se)
Marit Lindberg (se)
Mark Booth (us)
Mikael Ericsson (se)
Peter Hagdahl (se)
Roland Grahn (se)
Søren Raagaard (dk)
Tarja Ylivallo (se)
Tuss Lysén (se)

BOOK: Journey To Abadyl
Jette Lund, Katrine Nielsen, Marika Kajo, Thore Soneson, Jörgen Callesen, Gritt Uldall-Jessen, Michael Johansson.

Singing Bridges:
Luka Prin?i?, Luka Dekleva, Cym, Emmanuel Rebus, Harsmedia.